The spooky action at a distance just got even spookier
Our current designs aren't sustainable for the rapidly changing climate, so let's look at ancient solutions to beat the heat, cool down, and make…
Called Archaeoacoustics
Research suggests we were far more alike than we assumed
What might this tell us about ourselves?
Animism may be prehistoric, but it's presence is still alive today
The H-Blocks scattered around the site has stumped everyone for over a millennia but we finally have an answer to how they were made.
If true, then there is far more than just a visual resemblance between the Universe and our brain

December 2022

This would mean the brain uses both classical and quantum physics
We still don't have a definitive answer, but these discoveries inch us closer to one
Scientists have known green light has health benefits, but they weren't sure how we received them
The stench of patriarchy in this case is strong